TUESDAY 11:30 - 2:00PM

Seniors Interclub is organized doubles format played weekly on Tuesday mornings or afternoons beginning in May.  The season is 15 weeks ending in September followed by playoff and championship weeks.

Teams play a total of 12 events consisting of 6 home and 6 away over a 15-week schedule with each team having 3 "bye" weeks.

Playoff Round

  • 4th place team vs 1st place team (A)
  • 3rd place team vs 2nd place team (B)
  • 5th place team does not qualify.

Championship Round:

  • Winner of (A) vs winner of (B) at home of team that finished with most points.

Competing Teams:

For a travel efficient schedule, 

  • Cambridge plays Waterloo 6 times:  3 home, 3 away.
  • Ancaster, Port Dover and Rosedale play each other 4 times: 2 home, 2 away.

Additional Details:

  • Visiting team must declare their lineup for all matches before the home team does.
  • Home team supplies the balls and light refreshments.
  • To get all events completed in 2 hours, 4 courts are required.
  • Results of each event are sent to the Convenor (Pat Moran) and league standings are updated and sent to all team captains weekly.
  • In the event of rainouts or uncompleted events that week is deleted from the points standings.
  • If there is an imbalance of events played between the teams the average points per event will be used for all to determine final standings.
  • See rules and regulations for all other details.
  • A detailed schedule will be provided after registration.

For any questions, please contact VPTC Seniors Interclub Team Captain, Gwen Chiasson.


Registration must be completed by the Registration Deadline: TUE MAY 09 7PM

The schedule will begin with Week 01: TUE MAY 30 10AM (@ WATERLOO)

The regular schedule will end with Week 15: TUE SEP 05

Playoff Round: TUE SEP 12

Championship Round: TUE SEP 19 

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